Gill Hack

Lic.Ac  M.B.Ac.C  Cl. Ac (Hangzhou China)  I.T.E.C.  B.A. Hons


Gill is the founder of Acupuncture Tao Dao (formerly Tao Dao Complementary Health Clinic in London N6). She trained in London at LCTA (London College of Traditional Acupuncture) and China (Hangzhou). Gill taught for many years in the Student Clinic at LCTA and now teaches at the City College of Acupuncture.

Her training in complementary medicine began in 1989 and she is fully qualified in shiatsu, remedial and sports massage, aromatherapy and reiki. Greatly influenced by her mentor Dr Wu, a specialist at the teaching hospital in Hangzhou, China, she has developed her own style of practice combining acupuncture with energy healing.

Gill practises T.C.M. (Traditional Chinese Medicine) theory acupuncture. A very gentle needling technique is used and Gill treats patients of all ages.


Meditation and Mindfulness Teaching
Gill is a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher (Zenways, London) and has been practising meditation since 1989 when she first began training in complementary medicine.

Her passion for meditation was sparked during a trip to the Himalayas when she spent some time living amongst Buddhist monks in a Tibetan monastery.

During the course of her acupuncture studies, she went on to develop her meditation practice in various parts of the world including China, Sri Lanka, India, America, Europe and the UK.

She has extensive teaching experience with both adults (acupuncture) and children/young people (theatre).