Zen Mind Meditation & Mindfulness

with Gill Hack

Zen Mind Meditation & Mindfulness Course for Health and Wellbeing

Six Week Course for Beginners

Price: £100

Scientific research has shown that meditation and mindfulness can significantly improve our quality of life. On this course we will learn some simple meditation and mindfulness practices to help reduce stress levels, benefit mental and physical health and improve general wellbeing. These ancient practices have roots that go back 2500 years and yet still have great relevance today. Meditation helps us to:-

  • Relax and unwind from the stresses and strains of daily life.
  • Breathe naturally and fully, helping us to ‘reset’ our physiology.
  • De-stress and find new ways of managing our stress.
  • Ground ourselves in present day reality.
  • Focus and increase concentration, allowing us to live more ‘in the moment’.

Course Leader – Gill Hack
Gill is an Acupuncturist by profession and a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher (Zenways, London). She has been practising meditation since 1989 when she first began training in complementary medicine. For full Information Click Here..

Gill runs regular courses and retreat days in central London and Sussex. For more information please contact enquiries@taodao.org.uk.